Stu Heinecke – “Father of Contact Marketing”

Getting meetings is critical to our success.

How many times has your sales manager said to you “can you go an ‘just’ get that meeting with X?”

Named the “Father of Contact Marketing” by the American Marketing Association, Stu Heinecke (Author/Host/Marketer/WSJ cartoonist) shares with us at WisdomMakers how to provide unfair advantages to help enterprise/SMB/startup sales teams get more C-level meetings with top accounts faster and more effectively.

Here are 3 ways to easily Get the Meeting:

– Cartoons to deliver insights in an insightful way

– Using a visual metaphor

– Pocket campaigns – reconsider our business cards

Many thanks again Stu!

If you’d like to unpack this topic further check out Stu’s 2 books:

– How to Get a Meeting with Anyone

– Get that Meeting!

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