True service is a relationship, not a transaction

Some years ago, when we found out we were pregnant with our first child, my wife correctly pointed out that a baby seat wasn’t going to fit safely in the back of my 2 door car.

A friend had highly recommended I check out the BMW X5. So, I went down to the local BMW car dealership.

While I was there standing in front of an X5, a young sales assistant approached me looking me up and down – from what type of shoes I was wearing to my suit to my watch.

His first question was “what are you looking for?”.

I said “I’m interested in an X5 and wondering how much this one is?”.

Second question immediately after, “what is your budget?”.

I had no idea how much an X5 cost back then so I said “$90k?”.

With a snarl and a scoff he said, “you’ll need to go down the road to the second hand dealership and ask them” and then turned on his heel and left me standing there in the middle of the empty showroom like a shag on a rock.

My brother in law had always raved about the service at Lexus so I then drove down the road to the Lexus dealership.

Bashir (yes, I still remember his name!) greeted me like a long-lost brother, showed me to their couch, served me tea and biscuits and we discussed life and the universe.

His manager Andrew then came over and asked me if he could test drive my car outside “in case I wanted to trade it in”.

When I came out there was a box of Lindt and a thank you card on the dash board.

I said, “Andrew, umm, what are the chocolates and thank you card for?”.

Andrew said, “to thank you for letting me test drive your car, Greg”.

About an hour later, I drove out of there with one of their cars complete with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot and my wife’s favourite flowers in the back seat (provided by Lexus). A few years later, I went back and traded it in for another one.

I believe the BMW engineering is amazing and I’m sure this was just an isolated case but when you have the kind of sales and customer service that I received from Bashir at Lexus it makes it very hard to go anywhere else.

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” – Teddy Roosevelt

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