WHY in the world would I move into SALES… isn’t pre-sales good enough? by Satian Vasudevan

After 17+ years purely in pre-sales, I started getting the itch to consider moving into sales.

The Account Manager always seems to make more money and after being their sidekick for years, I felt that maybe I can do the work myself, gain all that kudos and along with it the money 💰. These are just the obvious reasons to consider the move particularly the money.

You see the underlying drive for me, I soon realised was not just the simple thought of moving into frontline sales and account management, but rather two critical thought factors:-

  1. The competitive side in me wants to prove to myself that I too can do it. I know how difficult and stressful Account Management is, in larger accounts even more so. Wouldn’t it be  fantastic if I could do this successfully and complete my career lifecycle in IT: I started as a programmer, moved into services, worked as a consultant and now pre-sales. All that is left to do was win that top prize of being a successful Account Manager (oh and brag about it at the Christmas barbie 🤓)
  2. Financial freedom is super tempting. I believe when you have the ability to be not driven in life by a mortgage and financial stress hanging over your head, you can enjoy life more, your job suddenly becomes that personal favourite hobby, rather than a necessity. This change in circumstances surely will lead to a healthier life. Having worked with multiple super successful Account Managers and knowing how much potential there is from a financial gain point of view, I look forward to someday using some of their wisdom to help me achieve the super feats they have. 

While I am still searching for that inner strength and assurance to make that move, my plan is to learn as much as I can from the “creme de la creme” of the account management world. 

Without sounding like a plug for WisdomMakers, the wisdom I am gaining here especially from a DIVERSE range of successful leaders, is definitely accelerating my learning and understanding of what is required to be an Account Manager. Thank you. 🙏🏼

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