Believe in the Art of the Possible

Take on a pioneering approach to your client’s solution. Expand their thinking beyond the answers to the immediate challenges they are facing.

PRO Tip:

  • If an executive has a vision, ask the person: “So if we can help you solve that problem, what would the Future State beyond that look like?” You may be surprised how much more opportunity in the Account you can uncover. At the same time, the client will shift their paradigm and see you more as a trusted advisor.


Although this Art of the Possible example is unrelated to being an account manager, you will pick up similarities to executing on an “out of the box” idea that could land you success with your client. There are elements of project management, imagination, the sky’s the limit, determination, discipline, patience and bravery. 

In May 2012, I became the first person in the world to run 21kms above earth on a treadmill powered by a generator in a hot air balloon. The adventurous stunt was to raise money for the Heart Foundation. It took 1 year to find the ideal day of clear weather to successfully complete the 2 hour 18 minute event. It was a team effort and took careful communication with the balloon pilot and onboard engineer from the moment we left terra firms, floated across the Canberra and landed on the other side of the city.

The feeling was surreal and there was a laser focus running step by step, whilst maintaining balance and being fearless until we arrived safely on the soil. I learned that the Art of the Possible required precision planning, a heightened awareness to the unknown, selling the idea and vision to balloon pilot and support crew, and a commitment to accomplish the task.

These key principles can be applied to just about any account management situation. 

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