As far as we are concerned, the gold standard for personality assessment tools is The Enneagram. It looks at the roots of why you show up with that personality and it is a highly powerful way to know yourself, your team, your boss and your clients and know what’s driving them.

Out of the hundreds of books out there, we can recommend The Wisdom of the Enneagram (by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson) and The 9 Ways of Working (by Michael J Goldberg) for the business context.

In a nutshell according to Goldberg, here are the 9 Ways of Working:

1. The Perfectionist (aka Reformer) gets things done right – regardless of the consequences.

2. The Helper nurtures other’s careers – and demands to be appreciated for it.

3. The Producer (aka Achiever) works hard to succeed – but can burn out in overwork.

4. The Connoisseur (aka Individualist) explores his or her creativity and deep feelings – but may get lost in them.

5. The Sage (aka Investigator) craves data, theories and insight – but may forget the human element.

6. The Troubleshooter (aka Loyalist) knows the secrets and who can be trusted – but can get mighty paranoid.

7. The Visionary (aka Enthusiast) inspires with brilliant, fun, imaginative ideas – but leaves closure to others.

8. The Top Dog (aka Challenger) exercises leadership – but may end up as a vengeful bully.

9. The Mediator (aka Peacemaker) wants everybody working as a conflict-free team – but may forget his or her own goals.

We’ll be adding an Enneagram coach soon to the Partner section.

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