Evolving further to Succeed more

Just when you may have thought you’ve exhausted all angles to progress your account management career with a balanced lifestyle, there are more answers right under your nose. Read on!

In fact, if you pay attention to the next breath escaping your nostrils, you’ve triggered a micro calmness in the nervous system and less busyness in the mind. Now taking 3 x deeper breaths whilst relaxing the jaw will bring you into a state of well-deserved relaxation. A cascading effect from this action mainly results in a stillness in the mind, long enough for an “aha” moment (answer/idea) to surface. And as you observe the “light bulb” moment, it’s highly likely it is related to enhancing either your personal life or working environment.

So, extending this mindful practice for 3-5 minutes before each internal or client meeting you have, could very well evolve you for the better on the path to being WELL and Wealthy.

Kindly circle back to your tribe here at WisdomMakers and share with us your new found experiences.

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